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How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

Summer is just around the corner and today on the Craftables blog, HTV expert and guest blogger Shannon Castle shows us how to layer smooth heat transfer vinyl with glitter heat transfer vinyl.

Hi! I'm Shannon Castle and I am a mother to 5 kiddos and also work from home as a medical transcriptionist. I started making clothing for my youngest and my crafting obsession began! I love using my Silhouette Cameo to create designs for my kids and also sell my creations in my Etsy shop, Natalie Grace Designs US. You can follow me on Instagram as well @nataliegracedesign.

craftables how to layer htv

Layering HTV can look challenging if you haven't done it before, but I promise it isn't as hard as you may thing! I will explain how I created this super cute summer buggy using both Craftables Smooth and Glitter HTV.

What you will need:

I start by cutting all of the pieces of the design that I am going to use and then weed everything. I do this so that I can place my design back together to make sure that everything lines up and the decide where I want to place it on the shirt.

glitter and htv combo

I put this design on a shirt and the easiest way to find the center of the shirt is to fold it in half lengthwise and press it so that there is a line right down the middle. I have found that by doing this, it also helps make sure that my design is straight and not off center! Then take the design that you have pieced back together and place it on the shirt so you can figure out exactly where you want it to go.

layered glitter and htv combo

Since I don't have a heat press, I use my iron set at the recommended temperature and place my items on a towel on the floor so that my weight on the iron will help press the vinyl into the fabric so it won't lift up. On this design, I started pressing the tires on first, but do what you are comfortable with! I placed the Teflon sheet and pressed for about 10 seconds. Before placing the next piece, I make sure that I remove the Teflon sheet and let the vinyl cool off.

layered glitter and smooth htv vinyl combo

Continue placing and pressing the pieces of your design until you have it finished! I press all of my Craftables Smooth HTV vinyl and do the glitter HTV last. A little tip that I have learned is after you complete your design, turn the item inside out and press it again for about 15 seconds to help the vinyl adhere to the fabric. See! Not as hard as you thought! With a little practice, you will be amazed at the designs that you can make with layering HTV!

layered glitter and smooth htv combo

One good thing to remember is that not all vinyl can be layered. Glitter should be the top layer and so should foil and flock - Craftables Smooth can be used on top and bottom- as I did with one of the flowers on the surfboard, but ALWAYS read the recommendations that come with your Craftables HTV! Press times, as well as hot or cold peel instructions are important things to know as well!

smooth htv and glitter htv layered vinyl

Happy Crafting! 

craftables how to layer htv