4th of July Craft Roundup

4th of July is right around the corner and with another holiday is another chance to craft! Today our super-crafter guest blogger Shannon is going to show us five fun 4th of July crafts to try using both adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl.


Hello!  My name is Shannon and I love crafting and creating!  And I love getting to be a guest blogger for Craftables!   

Today we are going to talk about using both adhesive vinyl and HTV for the same design.  I have been asked before if there is a special design you have to use either for putting a design on a cup or adding a design to a shirt.  And the answer is no!  Even if the design is a little more complex you can use the same design to cut out of adhesive vinyl and add it to either a cup or a picture frame or just about anything you can think of!  The key is to make sure and adjust the settings on your vinyl cutting machine. 

I have taken a design that is fairly complex in that it has thin lines and put it on a cup and then used the same design to make a matching shirt for my daughter!  We love the 4th of July and love to wear red, white, and blue to show our American pride! 

Supplies needed: 

I started out with my shirt design first. Settings for the Silhouette should be as the picture shown: 

silhouette studio settings

If you have any questions about how to apply HTV we have a complete iron-on vinyl guide :)

For the cup design, the settings for the Silhouette should be as shown in this photo:  

silhouette studio vinyl settings

Weed the design and apply the transfer sheet over the top and then apply to a clean cup - make sure you have washed the cup with dishwashing liquid to remove anything that might affect the design adhering to the cup. I also run a rag with some rubbing alcohol over the area where I am going to put the design.   

4th july all american girl tumbler

And now you are finished with your super cute 4th of July shirt and matching cup and you are ready to celebrate America's birthday in style! 

4th july all american girl shirt tumbler

So never be intimidated by a design that you think might be either too fancy or hard to weed to put on something.  As long as you take your time and weed carefully, applying an adhesive design to a cup is not as hard as it looks!  

4th july firework shirt
4th july glitter american mama
4th july glitter htv american girl

Happy crafting! 

For more of Shannon's posts, check out her layered HTV tutorial and her tracing in Silhouette Studio tutorial

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