best DIY crafts to do with vinyl

We've had so many new customers at Craftables and we keep getting questions on the potential of our vinyl selection and the limit of these machines. Whether you have a Silhouette or a Cricut, or any other craft cutting machine, the craft ideas are limitless! Also keep in mind that these DIY vinyl craft ideas span the breadth of our entire product line- permanent vinyl, temporary vinyl, iron-on vinyl, stencil vinyl, glitter vinyl, flock vinyl, all the vinyl! We hope these projects inspire you to try new materials and techniques. If you have any questions, ask them below!

diy vinyl crafts
631 mason jar

Here's a cute and useful craft idea: use 631 on your backsplash to make a handy measuring guide!


Make a baby blanket even softer with some flocked heat transfer vinyl. For a free download of this design, check out our free download library!

stencil dish towels

Farmhouse-inspired dishtowels made with Oramask stencil.

651 nightlight

Spice up your light with Oracal 651! Plus a free download of this rocketship file, so you can try it for yourself.

space wall decal

We made these wall decals with Oracal 631. They're temporary so if next year Oliver wants airplanes instead, just take the old ones down and put new ones up!


Personalize a clip board! For this project we used large sheets of 651 for the background and the foreground is 651 that we cut with our craft cutting machine.

juice glasses

Make new glasses look vintage with the help of Oracal 651. We even made matching coasters!

matching game

How fun is this matching game? You can customize it to be whatever theme you like! We used Oracal 651 but you can also use HTV!

spice jars

Spice jars with a retro look. You can choose any color to match your kitchen! We used Grey Oracal 651 for our set.

3 easy back to school

How cute is this themed back-to-school set? We used HTV and 651. The "Field Notes" notebook is actually just a composition book! For more information about these projects, check out this blog post!

cactus nail decal

Of course we had to feature our favorite project- nail decals! We made these with Oracal 651. You could even make them a bit larger and they would be stickers! For a free download of this file, click on this link!

mugs with htv

Our entire office covets these mugs! Can you believe they're made with heat transfer vinyl? If you're interested in making them, we have a tutorial here!


Personalize any t-shirt with iron-on vinyl sheets! Just don't forget to flip your design before cutting it! If you've never worked with iron-on vinyl, here's a quick video tutorial.


Even more nail decals, but this manicure was too cute not to share. See how to do it yourself with a stencil and some seeds made of 651 vinyl. See a step by step tutorial here.

scrap htv glitter project

A glittery pouch is such a cute craft idea! Made with glitter iron-on vinyl. Can you believe we made this whole project with only scrap? Check out the whole tutorial here.

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