Cricut layering vinyl- the easy way!

Have you ever wanted to layer vinyl? Of course you have!

There's no need to use any other software, it can be done in Cricut Design Space!

laying vinyl the easy way

Today we are starting something new- a guest posting series!

Our first guest blogger is Craftables customer Jessica.

She will show you how she made this gorgeous Welcome planter, keep reading for more!

Hi! My name is Jessica Owens and I am a STEM Resource teacher for elementary school students in Maryland. I am an 11th year teacher, a mommy to a one year old, and a new home owner. Crafting and making brings me joy while allowing me to create great essentials for my home and classroom. Check out my personalized teacher bells in my Etsy Shop PickingUpSTEAM. Follow my life in and out of the classroom on instagram @picking_up_steam! Happy Making! 

What you'll need:

Layering vinyl is easy, it also takes your projects to the next level and really makes it pop. My method of vinyl layering is a little different from other crafters, however it works for me and will work great for you.

how to layer vinyl

My vinyl cutting software of choice is my Cricut Explore Air. The first step to layering vinyl is to upload an image that has multiple colors and layers into Cricut Design. Once your image is uploaded it is time to select an image type. I like to click on each option to decide which one matches my image. If you have a complex image and you choose simple, you will notice that the color change and the details might get lost. This is why it is important to make sure you choice the correct type.

how to layer vinyl

Once your image is uploaded it's time to think layering. When I am layering vinyl I always think bottom up. You want to think about the most bottom layer of your image. In the image above, I want my blue vinyl to be underneath the white. Therefore I am going to continue with the image just as it is.

how to layer vinyl

Next, Circuit Design gives you option of a Print and Cut image or just a cut. For vinyl you want to choose the just cut option on the right. It is not required for you to name your image, however a tip I use is to name the image the color vinyl you will be cutting it out of. This will help when it comes time to sort your vinyl.

how to layer vinyl

On to the top layer. My image has two layers- a navy blue bottom and a grey top. Using the magic wand tool, I am going to delete all the blue on my image. This will leave behind the skinnier grey letter that I will lay on top of my blue vinyl. The magic wand tool really is magic and makes life a lot easier when you need to separate your colors. Make sure you get all the blue, even the ones inside of your letter loops.

Once you have your vinyl cut and sorted by color, weed in order to remove all the excess vinyl. I cut my vinyl so I could lay it out and picture in my head which color I needed to apply first.

layered vinyl welcome sign


applying transfer tape to layered vinyl

Remember we are going to think backwards when applying vinyl. Start with the bottom and work up. The bottom layer of my Welcome is navy blue, so this is where I am going to start. Since we used clear trasfer tape, we are easily able to see where we are placing the vinyl on our object.

applying layered vinyl to planter

Using a ruler, I placed the second part of my welcome exactly where I wanted it. I needed to make sure that my crab would fit perfectly between the two sets of letters. Ensure your vinyl is on smoothly and strong. We will be using Clear Vinyl Transfer Tape to put vinyl on top on vinyl. The last thing you want is for your Clear Vinyl Transfer Tape to pull up your existing vinyl. No fun! 

welcome planter layered vinyl cricut

Now it is time for the fun part. You now will add the second layer to your vinyl. This requires a good eye and a steady hand. Thank goodness for clear Clear Vinyl Transfer Tape, because you definitely need to see what you are doing in this step. You will place the second layer on vinyl right on top of the first layer of vinyl. Take your time because once it is down, it is almost impossible to pull up and then not only will your top layer be ruined but also your bottom.

welcome sign layered vinyl


applying layered vinyl oracal

layered oracal 651

You will repeat this step for the second part of your word.

Wow! Those letters look so good and intricate. Now for the final step. I live in Maryland and wanted my “O” in my welcome to be a crab, but the possibilities are endless. You could decide to use a pineapple, a flower, or even the outline of your state.

layering vinyl with cricut oracal

The crab is your third and vinyl layer of your project. I designed him to have his legs slightly overlap the “c” and the “M” in my welcome. You can place him place his horizontally on the planter, but I decided to title him slightly to the left.

welcome sign using oracal layered vinyl


finished project layered vinyl

Ta Do! You now have you own personalized layered flower planter. So easy, right!? And it looks so much better than one color. Be creative and good luck exploring vinyl layering!

easy layer vinyl cricut


welcome sign on planter


laying vinyl the easy way

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