Cute + easy Easter eggs with our free cut files!

Easter is right around the corner and here at Craftables we're using some of our free cut files to decorate Easter eggs!

easter egg pin

If you don't already know about our free file library, please check it out here. We regularly update this resource with seasonal and popular cut files, always 100% free!

Here's what you'll need for this project:

For today's craft we're using the following files to decorate Easter eggs:

easter egg with vinyl

To download a free file, click "DOWNLOAD" and the file should automatically download to your computer. On my computer, I'm using Chrome and all my files are set to download to my "downloads" folder. If you can't find your file at the bottom of your browser or in your downloads folder, check your settings as to where you set your file to be saved to.

Open the folder where your file saved to and double click the .zip file. All our file downloads will be .zip files- a .zip file is just a compressed folder. Double click on the .zip file and a folder will appear. Double click on the folder and you'll see many different file types for each design.

If you have the Designer edition of Silhouette studio, the SVGs are going to be the file you should use. For everyone using the free version (Silhouette Studio) don't fret- using these files is still fairly simple and easy!

Go ahead and open Silhouette Studio. Go to file-open and click on the .jpg version of the file you want to open. 

Our file isn't ready to cut yet- we need to trace it. Go to the butterfly icon (the "trace" button) and click "select trace area".

Drag the box around the image you want to trace and if your image is showing up in yellow, you're ready to press "trace" 

And that's it! Now you're ready to cut your vinyl! Drag your black and white image out of the way to better see the red cut lines of your design to make sure the program traced accurately. 

Now that we've prepared our cut files, we're ready to send them to cut. For this project I'm using our newest product- adhesive glitter. You can do this project with any permanent adhesive including Craftables Permanent Vinyl. Send your files to cut on your Silhouette. For cut settings for Craftables vinyl, click here for Silhouette users and here for Cricut users.

Once you're done cutting, it's time to weed your vinyl. Weeding is the process of removing any unwanted vinyl from your project.

weeding glitter vinyl

Now that you're done weeding, it's time for the fun part- decorating your eggs! Using transfer tape or just your fingers, remove vinyl from the carrier sheet and stick it onto your eggs. 

decorating egg

We even made some cute egg holders using this file and some green cardstock:

easter grass cut file

just save the file to your computer and trace it in Silhouette Studio. Cut the design on cardstock and roll the grass design into a circle and tape the edges together. 

paper easter grass

Make sure each grass strip is around 4.5" long to be large enough to hold an easter egg.

easter eggs with 651 vinyl

Easter eggs made easy thanks to some handy cut files and Craftables vinyl! Let us know what you make and if you have any questions, happy crafting!


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