DIY Christmas Countdown Sign with Adhesive Vinyl

Every year Christmas seems to come around even quicker than in previous years. Get a head start on your decorations with this beginner DIY adhesive vinyl Christmas countdown sign. Counting down to one of the best holidays of the year (in my opinion!) is such a fun activity for the entire family. With this countdown sign, each day you can erase the previous days until Christmas and add the new number. It’s such a fun way to build excitement until the big day!

Check out the full tutorial to see how you can create a new fun family tradition with this DIY adhesive vinyl Christmas countdown sign!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Click on the link to the project file. This file is sized for a 16”x20” sign. You will need to resize each individual color based on the size of your chalkboard surface. You’ll select each color and enter in the same dimensions for each in the dimension boxes at the top of Design Space.

Step 2: Click on “Make it” and select “vinyl from the materials list. Then, add each sheet to your cutting machine.

Step 3: Weed each sheet of vinyl, removing the negative. For the white vinyl, weed out the negative on each applicable letter.

Step 4: Cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as your white tree image.

Step 5: Peel off the transfer tape and place it over the red vinyl design. Use a squeegee to go over it. Then, fold the bottom portion of the liner back. Align the red bars on top of the bars on the white vinyl and peel off the liner on the red vinyl.

Step 6: Go over the transfer tape with a squeegee and set the design aside.

Step 7: Grab your sign, remover the transfer tape, and center the design on the chalkboard sign. Then, go over the transfer tape with the squeegee and remove it. If any of your design comes up with the tape, just place it back down and go over it with the squeegee again.

Step 8: Place the transfer tape over the green design and go over it with the squeegee. Fold over the bottom portion of the liner. Then, align the green bars with the bars on the yellow vinyl and peel off the liner (if needed, add an extra piece of liner under the top of the green design so it doesn’t stick to your surface). Go over the transfer tape with the squeegee and remove the transfer tape along with the vinyl design, leaving the bars still attached to the liner.

Step 9: Align the Christmas light design with the appropriate spaces on the Christmas tree. Go over the design with the squeegee, and remove the transfer tape.

Step 10: To cure your chalkboard (and to give it a more “chalkboard look), go over the entire sign with chalk and then erase.

Your DIY Adhesive Vinyl Christmas Countdown Sign is now ready for the holiday season! Just be sure to put it up on December 1st to begin counting down the days until Christmas. Since this sign is chalkboard, it can be used for over-and-over for years to come!

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