DIY Christmas Tablescape Project: How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl on a Cotton Stocking Place Card

DIY Christmas Tablescape Project: How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl on a Cotton Stocking Place Card

Hi friends! Elise here from Polka Dotted Blue Jay. I am a big fan of Buffalo Plaid for the holidays and I enjoyed putting together this festive Christmas tablescape with DIY Monogrammed Utensil Stockings, with the help of my Silhouette Cameo. Follow this step by step tutorial to see how I applied Heat Transfer Vinyl on mini cotton stockings; perfect for place cards, a party gift for guests, and utensil holders for my table.

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Skill Level:  Intermediate


Supplies Needed:

Creating Your DIY Monogram Wreath Stockings Design:

Step 1: Open up your Silhouette Studio®.

Step 2: Select the Page Setup Window and adjust your cutting mat size to 12x12 (or the sized mat you are using).

Step 3: Download your font from the Silhouette Design Store and open your font in Silhouette Studio. Click File>Library>Fonts>Select your downloaded file.

Step 4: Click on the screen and type the first letter.

Step 5: Repeat typing for each additional letter you will need.

Step 6: Click and drag to select the whole design and select Object>Group.

Step 7: Measure your stocking and re-size your design to the correct space on your 12x12 template – be sure to move the design as a group so it keeps all of the monograms the same size (only do it once rather than having to re-size each one individually). You can do this by clicking and dragging to cover the whole design and then moving as one piece.

Step 8: Once you have the size you like, remember to mirror your designs – this will flip your design horizontally. Mirroring is necessary for heat transfer vinyl; the cut is made through the vinyl but not the clear carrier sheet which is used for the ironing process. To mirror: select your design by clicking and dragging, then select “Object” from the top toolbar, “Mirror”, and then “Horizontally”.

Step 9: Attach your Heat Transfer Vinyl to the cutting mat, dull side up, and load into your machine. I always trim my vinyl to slightly bigger than my design – that way I don’t waste or damage a whole sheet.

Step 10: Follow the prompts in the Design Studio to adjust your blade (if using a ratchet blade) for the type of Heat Transfer Vinyl you’re using and double check to make sure your design has been mirrored and selected to cut.

Step 11: Select “Send” to start cutting.

Step 12: Select “Unload” when your machine has finished cutting your design to remove the cutting mat from the machine.

Preparing Your Design:

Step 1: Remove your sheet of Heat Transfer Vinyl from the cutting mat – go slow so it doesn’t curl up.

Step 2: Use your fingers or a wedding tool to remove the excess vinyl. Be sure to leave your design on the clear carrier sheet.

Step 3: Carefully remove the centers of the letters and graphics.

Creating Your DIY Monogrammed Utensil Stockings:

The Craftables Heat Transfer Vinyl includes awesome instructions on the packaging for making your Heat Transfer project. Be sure to follow those directions for the different types of Heat Transfer Vinyl. Here are the basics:

Step 4: Heat up your iron or heat press. I use a clothes iron on cotton heat with NO steam.

Step 5: Pre-heat your stocking and make sure it is flat.

Step 6: Lay your weeded design on the stocking where you want to attach it.

Step 7: Cover with a Teflon sheet and apply firm pressure with your hot iron. Be sure the vinyl is always covered with the carrier sheet when you’re using heat.

Step 8: Allow your design to cool according to the Craftables instructions, remove the clear carrier sheet, discard.

I love the personal touch these DIY Monogrammed Utensil Stockings add to my Christmas table. Don’t want to put the utensils in the stocking? Add a candy cane, or a small present for your guests to enjoy. I especially love that my guests will enjoy looking for their monogram on the table when it is time to eat.

The gift giving possibilites are endless with this little stocking! You could give is as a gift in a bundle like our  DIY Christmas Gift Idea: How to Apply Adhesive Vinyl on a Glass Cookie Jar. It could double as an ornament, or office décor. You can also apply this DIY to a standard size stockings to hang on your mantle.

There are so many simple, yet festive Christmas projects you can make with Craftables Heat Transfer Vinyl! Visit the Craftables Blog to see what gifts you can make for your loved ones. Let's craft our way through this season of giving!

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