DIY College Care Package Gift Idea with Adhesive Vinyl

It is days like today that I am oh so thankful for my Silhouette Cameo + adhesive vinyl! School is right around the corner, and if you are sending someone off to college for the first time, creating a DIY Care Package is a great way to ease those freshman jitters! You are just one step-by-step tutorial away from creating a special gift for your college student.

College Care Package with Craftables Adhesive Vinyl

Estimated Time: 15-30 Minutes (Beginner)

Here is What You Will Need:

College Care Package with Craftables Adhesive Vinyl

I decided to go with the acrylic bin since it would be great for storage in a dorm room. I wanted the bin itself to be functional, so I thought keeping it simple with the word "essentials" would keep it ambiguous enough to use for just about anything whether it be on a desk, in the bathroom, or even the closet. I used the Blassville font  for the word "essentials," but with script fonts, it is important to weld before making your cut.

You can do this by clicking on the word, then object--modify--weld. After the weld, I always right click and group just to make sure I don't have any choppy pieces.

weld font in Silhouette Design Studio

The nice thing about the Cameo 3 is that the automatic blade will adjust according to the material that you are using, so make sure that you have selected glossy vinyl as your material and then you can send to cut.

Cut in Silhouette Design Studio

Load the vinyl glossy side up on to your cutting mat. I used white just so that the bin could be versatile and match any dorm decor.

Cut Craftables Adhesive Vinyl with Silhouette Cameo

After you make your cut, weed away the overlaying vinyl.

Weed Craftables Adhesive Vinyl

Then, grab your hook tool and weed away the smaller pieces from inside the letters.

Weed Craftables Adhesive Vinyl

Cover your word with transfer tape and then pass over it with your scraper tool to make sure that the vinyl is fully adhered and ready to be transferred.

Apply Craftables Transfer Tape

Transfer your vinyl over to your bin, firmly press over it with the scraper tool and then slowly peel away the transfer tape.

Apply decal with Craftables Transfer Tape

Your bin is done, so you can set aside and move onto the tumbler. You can never go wrong with a monogram and I thought it would be cute to use two colors. I typically just use an app, like Monogram it!, to create my monogram. Then I email it to myself, drag into the Silhouette Studio and trace. Once I did that, I highlighted the part of the monogram that I was using for my first color, pink.

Cut Monogram in Silhouette Design Studio

Load the pink vinyl on your cutting mat and make your cut. When that is complete, go back and select "no cut" on the part that you just cut and then "cut" on the middle letter. Load your yellow vinyl on your cutting mat and cut away!

Cut Monogram in Silhouette Design Studio

When your monogram has been fully cut, weed away the excess vinyl and then cover each piece with transfer tape. I transferred the pink part of the monogram to the tumbler first because I figured it would be easier to place the final letter in the center after the outer letters had been placed.

Apply monogram decal

Finish up your tumbler and move to your journal. Since the pattern on the journal is busy, I thought a monogram would be the perfect touch, but for it to stick out, I set up the design with a white circle in the back and a pink border. I applied the circle first.

Apply monogram decal to journal

Then went back and added the pink border.

Cut Monogram in Silhouette Design Studio

Just select "no cut" for the parts that aren't being included.

Apply Craftables Adhesive to journal

Weed and transfer, then repeat to add the monogram.

Now, it is time to put your gift together! Add crinkle cut paper to the bottom of the bin and then fill with goodies. I added the tumbler, journal, a candle, Sharpies, pens, a picture frame, gum, a cute compliment pencil set, candy and colorful highlighters!

DIY College care package with Craftables adhesive vinyl

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