DIY Custom Vinyl Unicorn Jewelry Box

When I was younger, I loved everything, and anything associated with crafting. Painting, coloring, and sewing were high up on my list of activities. One of my all-time favorite projects to work on when I was younger was making jewelry, especially friendship bracelets. Fast forward to present day, I now have a little girl of my own who LOVES making jewelry.

Over the past few months, we have accumulated a good number of necklaces and bracelets. They can be found draped on drawer nobs, tossed on counter tops, and tangled in drawers. It seemed like the perfect time to create a bit of organization for my daughter’s newest treasures. So, I took her favorite animal (for now–ha!) to create this DIY Custom Vinyl Unicorn Jewelry Box. My daughter, Evie, is obsessed with it. She actually told me this was “Perfection!”. I also fell in love with this little jewelry box since it’s the perfect size for Evie’s current jewelry collection.

Check out the full video tutorial below (perfect for beginners!) to see how you can easily make your own DIY Custom Vinyl Unicorn Jewelry Box!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the two hinges, cover the inside mirror with painter’s tape, and remove the drawer.

Step 2: Spray the outside, inside, and top of the jewelry box with white spray paint and let dry. Add an additional coat and let dry again.

Step 3: Click on the link to the unicorn template and download it to your computer. Then, find the zipped file where you saved it on your computer and open it.

Step 4: Open Cricut Design Space and click on “Upload”. Go to where the unicorn template is saved and click on the SVG file to upload it. Then, click “save”. Click on the uploaded image to add it to your workspace.

Step 5: Click on the image and resize it to 4.5 inches.

Step 6: Open a square shape and resize it to small rectangle. Copy and paste it to create another one. Then, place the rectangles near each other and select both. Click “Align” and “Align at bottom”.

Step 7: Move the two rectangles below the unicorn. Then, select the unicorn and both rectangles, copy, and paste 2 times.

Step 8: Select the first unicorn and hide all colors except the pink. Then, select the second unicorn and hide all the colors except blue. Finally, select the third unicorn and hide all the colors except purple.

Step 9: Select the pink unicorn and rectangles and click “Weld”. Repeat this step with the other unicorns and rectangles.

Step 10: Open a text box, type your name, and resize it to fit inside of the largest cloud.

Step 11: Click “Make it” and select “vinyl” from the cutting material. Add the vinyl to a cutting mat with the vinyl facing up. Push the start button to begin cutting. Continue cutting all of the vinyl colors.

Step 12: Weed the negative vinyl on all of the designs. Then, cut a piece of transfer tape larger than the unicorn design and place it on top of the purple vinyl and go over it with a squeegee. Peel up the transfer tape to remove just the rectangles from the liner. Fold the liner on the bottom back.

Step 13:  Align the purple rectangles with the blue rectangles. Remove the back liner and slowly place the purple vinyl on top of the blue. Use a squeegee over the design.

Step 14: Peel up the liner at the bottom and fold back, exposing the rectangles. Then, align the purple rectangles with the pink rectangles. Remove the back liner and slowly place the purple and blue vinyl on top of the pink vinyl. Use a squeegee over the design, cut off the bottom rectangles, and then remove the transfer tape, pulling the entire vinyl design with it.

Step 15: Place the vinyl design on top of the jewelry box, use a squeegee over the entire design, and peel off the transfer tape.

Step 16: Cut a small piece of transfer tape, place it over the name you cut, go over it with a squeegee, and peel off the transfer tape along with the vinyl.

Step 17: Place the name on top of the large vinyl cloud, go over with the squeegee, and remove the transfer tape.

Now all you need to do is toss some necklaces and other trinkets into this DIY custom vinyl unicorn jewelry box. It also makes a great storage space for hair ties, sunglasses, and barrettes! If you would prefer another design on your jewelry box, check out other free SVG files here!

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Meghan Quinones

Meghan lives in Chicago with husband and 4 year old twins. She is obsessed with making and creating for the look for less. Pretty much every decor piece in her home is something she either made or upcycled. She started her blog to inspire everyone who visits her online creative space to create in their own lives.

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