DIY Fall Tees for Kids with Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Fall is just around the corner and I love for my toddlers to have cute personalized tees to match the season, but I am not a huge fan of the price tag attached to them. My kids, like me, can be a hot mess and there is no way I can justify paying $25+ for a shirt to be stained or spilled on the first time they wear it. Printable HTV to the rescue for this personalized fall tee hack! Pull out your Silhouette Cameo and some printable HTV and follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to see just how easy and inexpensive it is to create your own personalized fall shirts

Fall toddler tees with Craftables Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Estimated Time: 15-30 Minutes, Great for Beginners

Here is What You Will Need:

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Printable HTV
  • Designs for your shirts---I used this for my daughter's and this one for my son's
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Blank T-Shirts
Fall toddler tees with Craftables Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

To get started, I downloaded the design files purchased from Etsy. I then used the Bronx font from the Silhouette Design Store to add the kid's names.

Then, I used the shape tool to draw a circle around the design. This circle will be used for the outer border, so I filled it with light pink. I filled the larger circle on Thomas's with a light gray.

Next, I copied the first circle and then when I pasted, I made the second circle just slightly smaller than the first. Then I used Design ID #58588 to fill the smaller circle on Blakely's and Design ID #58585 to fill the smaller circle on Thomas's. Be sure to add your registration marks so that after you print, you can cut your design out using your Cameo.

Now it is time to print! Load the printable HTV into your printer with the yellow gridline side facing up. The way that my printer feeds the paper through, it will flip the page when printing so that the design will end up on the right side. You might want to do a test print on regular paper and notate which side is which so you can see exactly how your printer will pull the paper through.

Craftables Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Once your design has printed, place your printable HTV on your cutting mat and load into the machine.

Change your cut settings to "cut edge" so that the outer edge of the circle is what is cut. Your material type should be vinyl, printable.

When the cutting has finished, peel away your design, place on your blank shirt and cover with your teflon sheet. I had my heat press set to around 180 and pressed for 15 seconds. I did a second press for right under 10 seconds to make sure the design was fully adhered to the shirt.

Apply Craftables Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Now, have your kiddos rock their cute shirts!

Fall toddler tees with Craftables Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

The wonderful thing about this project is that printable HTV allows for so many options. You can create shirts for any and all occasions and personalize them entirely to your needs! You can also use it to customize pillows or tote bags. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! Check out the Craftables blog for more inspiration. Happy crafting!


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