DIY Holiday Gift Tutorial: How to Layer Adhesive Vinyl on a Glass Jar

DIY Holiday Gift Tutorial: How to Layer Adhesive Vinyl on a Glass Jar

EXPECTED TIME: 25 minutes



Supplies needed:

STEP ONE: Create design in software

Open your software program (I used Silhouette Studio) and either import a design or create your own! I used a simple label design and then created my own text that could lay on top of the pretty red metallic adhesive vinyl.

Size each part so the text will fit into the label shape.

I like to add some fill color to the images, so I can get a better idea of what it will look like.

Now that our designs are sized, it's time to cut!

STEP TWO: Cut designs out of adhesive vinyl

Go to your cut settings menu and select glossy adhesive vinyl. Make sure to adjust your blade accordingly if you aren't using the auto blade function.

Place your adhesive vinyl pieces onto the cutting mat, right side up. I love that I can cut both parts of the design at the same time! Load the cutting mat into your machine and let it get to work!

STEP THREE: Weed designs

After all parts of your label design are cut, it's time to weed! Peel off all the adhesive vinyl that's not part of the design.

Use a weeding hook or a pair of craft tweezers to peel out the little insides of the letters. I love how small and detailed the Cameo can cut!

STEP FOUR: Transfer adhesive vinyl to glass jar

Take a piece of transfer tape and peel off the gridline part.

Now place the transfer tape directly onto the white text and rub it on well for a good adhesion.

Turn the word decal over and peel off the backing sheet, exposing the adhesive side of the vinyl.

Now place the letters directly onto the red label and center them. The gridline transfer tape makes it so easy to line up the edges.

Rub it onto the red metallic adhesive vinyl with your fingers to adhere the two layers together.

Once again, turn it all over and peel off the backing sheet, exposing the adhesive side of the red metallic adehesive vinyl.

Grab a clean glass jar and center your label onto the jar.

Rub it onto the jar with your fingers to make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles in the adhesive vinyl. Then carefully peel off the transfer tape.

Now we have a fun, custom label for our jar and we can fill it with s'more goodies!

S'mores are perfect not only for summer, but for winter as well! Simply place them on a baking sheet, melt them in the oven and you've got a nice warm treat!

Isn't that so easy, simple, yet festive?! When it comes to the busy holidays, I'm all about quick gifts! If you're looking for other gift ideas you can check out  DIY Christmas Gift Idea: How to Apply Adhesive Vinyl on a Glass Cookie Jar or DIY Christmas Project: How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl on Cotton Hand Towels.


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