HTV Project without a Machine: DIY Kate Spade Inspired Wallet

Add a touch of Spring to your wardrobe with this DIY Kate Spade Inspired Wallet with Heat Transfer Vinyl without a machine!

Spring is one of the best seasons (in my opinion) since there is nothing better than seeing plants and flowers come to life. It is the absolute best when you see plants poking their heads out from under dried, dead leaves. Trees go from dark and dead looking to being covered with pops of lime green as buds start to grow.

Since Spring is all about plants blooming and coming back to life, I thought it would be fun to update my wallet to match all the new life coming up around me. I recently saw a gorgeous Kate Spade wallet covered with colorful leaves and was inspired. In this tutorial, you will see how to create your own DIY Kate Spade Inspired Wallet with Heat Transfer Vinyl and scissors. That’s right, no Cricut or Silhouette required for this super fun project!

Check out the video below to see how you can create your own DIY Kate Spade Inspired Wallet with Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Faux Leather Wallet (I used green)
  • Craftables Heat Transfer Vinyl (Dark Teal, Peach, Light Pink, Beige, Yellow)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Cricut Easy Press with Mat or an Iron and Ironing Board
  • Paper Towel or Tea Towel

Step 1: Use your pen to draw leaf shapes on the back of the teal vinyl. The leaf shapes will be more abstract so don’t worry If you’re not good at drawing! You’ll want to draw enough large leaf shapes for both the front and back of the wallet. Use your scissors to cut them out.

Step 2: Draw a few light pink leaves for each side and cut out with scissors.

Step 3: Then, grab the peach vinyl and cut out thin strips that will fit inside all of the dark teal leaves. You’ll also do this with the beige vinyl to fit inside all of the pink leaves.

Step 4: Next, cut out different sized strips from the yellow vinyl.

Step 5: Preheat your EasyPress or Iron according to the directions from the Cricut website or on the back of the heat transfer vinyl package.

Step 6: Arrange your leaves on the front of the wallet. Have a few of the leaves hanging off.

Step 7: Place a paper towel (or other thin piece of material) over your wallet and preheat the fabric for 5 seconds.

Step 8: Add the teal leaves to the front of the wallet and place the towel on top.

Step 9: Place the EasyPress on top for 30 seconds (if using an iron, follow the heating instructions).

Step 10: When the liner is cool to the touch, slowly peel up the liner. If the vinyl is not adhered, place the vinyl back down and cover with the paper towel and heat it again for another 30 seconds. Continue this process until the vinyl is completely adhered.

Step 11: Peel off the liner. Then, flip the wallet over and use scissors to trim off the excess vinyl. If the edge of the vinyl is not fully adhered to the wallet, place the EasyPress or an iron over it for a few seconds.

Step 12: Place the peach vinyl on top of the dark teal and cover with the towel and heat with the EasyPress for 30 seconds. Continue ironing until all of the vinyl is adhered. When cool to the touch, remove the liner.

Step 12: Iron on all of the pink leaves, peel off the liners, and then iron on all of the beige strips on top. Then, peel off the liners.

Step 13: Finally, add the yellow vinyl to the wallet, cover with the towel, and iron. Continue ironing until all of the vinyl is completely adhered. Finally, remove the liners.

You’ll repeat all of the above step on the back of your wallet.

I’m very excited about this DIY Kate Spade inspired wallet with heat transfer vinyl! I think my version looks pretty close to the real deal, but for a fraction of price! This simple leaf cutting technique could also be done with adhesive vinyl to transform a plain clear vase to add some pizzazz to it!

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