DIY Lemon Hair Bow with Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl

Add some flair to your hair this Summer with this sweet DIY Lemon Bow Hair Tie with Flock Iron-on Vinyl!

With Summer right around the corner, it means warmer days spent by the pool, outdoor picnics, and having fun in the sun. As the days heat up, it means any type of updo becomes a normal morning routine. Instead of just using a plain hair tie, why not create something more eye-catching like this DIY Lemon Bow Hair Tie with Flock Iron-on Vinyl!

Did you know flock iron-vinyl was a thing? Yeah, neither did I! The more I poke around the Craftables website the more amazing vinyl products I find, like this iron-on flock. When I saw it, I thought it make my lemon design really pop with its soft, velvety texture. Check out the full video tutorial to see how you can make your own DIY Lemon Bow Hair Tie with Flock Iron-on Vinyl using a Cricut!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut a piece of 8.25”x11” cardstock in half. Draw a petal shape and then cut it out.

Step 2: Fold your fabric in half. Then, place the template on top with the bottom on the fold. Then, trace the template again so you have 2. Cut out both templates. You will be left with 2 pieces to create your bow.

Step 3: Place the two right sides of the bow together and sew. Start in the middle and work your way around. You’ll stop about ¼” away from where you started.

Step 4: Use scissors to snip along the edge, stopping before you get to the stitches. Snip the ends off both sides of the bow, making sure not to cut the stitches.

Step 5: Turn the bow right side out. Use a pencil to help push the fabric through. Press it with an EasyPress or iron.

Step 6: Grab the free Craftables Free Fruits SVG from the Craftables website and click “Download”.

Step 7: Open up Cricut Design Space, click on “new project”. Then, click on “upload” on the left-hand side, and select the “fruits” SVG file from the location where you saved it. Click “save” once it’s been uploaded to Design Space. Then, click on the file and click “Insert image” to add it to your project.

Step 8: Click the image and hide all of the design except for the lemon. Resize the file to 1.25” (or a different size based on the size of your bow). Right click the image and select “copy” and then right click again and select “paste”. Continue to hit “paste” until you have a total of 12 lemons. Then, click “Make it”.

Step 9: Select your material size and flock vinyl and then continue.

Step 10: Add your flock vinyl to the cutting mat with the clear liner side facing down. Then, add the mat to your machine and press start.

Step 11: Remove the mat from the machine, trim as close as you can to the design, and use a weeding tool to weed the excess vinyl around the design.

Step 12: Place your fabric on top of a paper towel and a heat mat (or ironing board) and heat it for 5 seconds. Then, place 2 of your lemons.

Step 13: Heat the vinyl with an EasyPress or iron for 10 seconds at 300-315. Then, place a Teflon sheet over the design and heat for another 15 seconds.  

Step 14: After 1-2 minutes, remove both liners.

Step 15: Add one more lemon to the bow. Then, repeat the above process to add the remaining lemons to the other side of the bow.

Step 16: Gently peel the bow off of the paper towel and use scissors to trim the excess flock hanging off.

Step 17: Flip the bow over and repeat the same process on both sides to add the remaining lemons.

Step 18:  Place the bow inside of a hair tie and grab both ends to tie a knot. This will secure the bow to the hair tie.

See, easy peasy lemon squeezy! This DIY Lemon Bow Hair Tie with Flock Iron-on Vinyl will be your go-to Summer accessory. Since the free fruit cut file has many other fruits to choose from, you could make a whole bunch of fruity hair ties!

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