DIY Monogrammed Notebook Using Chrome and Patterned Adhesive Vinyl

I know many of us use cellphones to manage our lives from apps, to timers, to calendars. Even though my phone really does do quite a bit for me, I still prefer good old-fashioned paper and pen when it comes to notetaking and list writing. There is something special about sitting down with a pen and paper as opposed to using a cellphone with a teeny tiny keyboard.

I wanted to create a DIY notebook that was functional and pretty. This beginner project uses a playful watercolor color patterned vinyl (that is GORGEOUS!) along with gold chrome vinyl. The chrome vinyl gives the notebook almost an embossed look, which I am definitely here for!

Take a look at the full video tutorial below for instructions on how to make this DIY monogrammed using Chrome and Patterned Adhesive Vinyl! This is a great project for yourself or as a custom gift for a friend or family member!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Place your sheet of watercolor vinyl so the pattern is face down on the table. Then, peel off the back liner and place the front cover of your notebook on top, lining up the cover with the edge of the vinyl.

Step 2: Lay the journal face down on a cutting mat and use a craft knife to cut around the edge of the book removing all the excess vinyl.

Step 3: Open Cricut Design Space. Open a text box and type your letter. Change the font to “Made Canvas”. Then, change the width to 5.5” (you may need to adjust this based on the letter you use).

Step 4: Click “Make It”. Search materials and find the “premium vinyl holographic” and select.

Step 5: Place the chrome vinyl on the cutting mat with the vinyl facing up, load it into the Cricut machine, and press “Start” to cut.

Step 6: Use a weeding tool to remove the negative vinyl.

Step 7: Cut a piece of transfer tape a little larger than the letter, peel off the back liner, and place it on top of the chrome letter.

Step 8: Use a squeegee to go over the letter. Slowly peel back the transfer tape along with the letter.

Step 9: Place the letter on top of the journal (I placed mine slightly off the journal). Then, go over it with the squeegee again.

Step 10: Peel off the liner, leaving the letter behind.

Give your DIY monogrammed notebook using chrome and patterned adhesive vinyl a little shake back and forth and you’ll see the way the chrome reflects the light–it’s stunning! If you prefer a different vinyl pattern and/or different vinyl for your letter, no problem! Just use the steps above to create your own custom look!

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