DIY Monogrammed Tumbler with Leopard Print Vinyl

Craftables permanent patterned adhesive vinyl makes quick work of creating designs that look complicated but require minimal effort! This monogrammed coffee mug is perfect for showing off your love for all things leopard.

Estimated Time To Complete: 10 Mins (beginner)


Step One: Design Set Up

To start, open up both a scalloped circle image and your monogram onto the canvas in Design Space. Scale the monogram to fit and then place it on top of the circle.

*The scalloped circle is free in Design Space. Circle monogram font is from Etsy.

Select both the circle and monogram and click the slice button in the bottom right. Delete everything except the bottom layer which should be the scalloped circle but now it will have the monogram cut out of the center.

*It helps to think of the slice tool as a cookie cutter!

Measure the cup you're using and scale the image to fit by either dragging the bottom right corner or by typing the dimensions into the size box at the top.

Click the make it button and set the base material to vinyl.

Step Two: Load and Cut

Place a sheet of patterned adhesive vinyl onto the cutting mat with the patterned side facing up and load the mat into the machine. Press the start button to begin cutting.

Step Three: Weed Image

After cutting is complete, remove the excess vinyl from around the design and then use a weeding tool to remove the letters.

Step Four: Apply Transfer Tape

Cut and apply a piece of transfer tape using a scraper tool.

Remove the transfer tape from the backing paper and the patterned vinyl should stick to it.

Step Five: Transfer Decal

Place the transfer tape/decal on the cup and use your fingers to press down over the vinyl.

Peel away the transfer tape and you're finished!

Craftables patterned adhesive vinyl is water resistant but should never go in the dishwasher. Hand wash for long lasting results!

Don't forget that Craftables Patterned Vinyl also comes in Heat Transfer Vinyl form as well! You can find the leopard print along with other patterns here!

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