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The end of the school year means yet another excuse to craft!
I've been seeing this DIY teacher name pencil craft all over Facebook. Our guest poster Lacey made a lovely and easy to follow how-to make this teacher gift.
how to make teacher pencil
My name is Lacey and I started crafting with vinyl when my daughter was born. I have really bad anxieties so it's a way for me to make an income while still being home with her. I've only been doing it right over a year and I just love doing it! To see more of my work, find me on instagram @sosocraftyco
First, you need to gather all necessary supplies to complete the project. You will need:

pencil wooden garden stake diy

Here is a map of how I did this project based on the length of my garden stakes. My stakes were 11.75" x 1.3".


painted pencil project

Step One

Take a stake and your yellow paint and paint the stake. I painted almost the whole stake except for the top. I took my paint brush and made small triangular shapes at the top to give that shaven wood feel. For an estimate of the proportions we used for this project, you can look at the map above! Every garden stake might be slightly different so keep that in mind when you're shopping for yours.

Step Two

Take a new or clean paint brush and paint a rectangular shape at the bottom for the eraser. I honestly didn't try to be super straight with the edge only because I knew that the silver vinyl would eventually cover it.

pencil wooden project

Step Three

Take a small paint brush and paint a triangle at the sharp tip for the lead of the pencil.

Step Four

Although some may want specific measurements for this part, I did not. Get your silver glitter adhesive vinyl and cut a small rectangular shape. Peel the backing off the vinyl and place on the pencil right below where you painted the pink eraser. If you did not make a straight edge, be sure to cover the very bottom so it looks neat!
 Once you place your vinyl down and smooth it out, take an x-acto knife and trim off the excess vinyl.

pencil project

Step Five

Adding the name- this part I obviously had to measure! I had to cut the teacher's name 1 inch high and 6 inches long. Please keep in mind this will vary for everyone depending on where you painted, font choices, length of name, etc. Type name in the software program and cut! Once it's cut, weed out the excess vinyl. Cut a piece of transfer paper that fits over name and center it on the pencil. Take squeegee (or credit card) and smooth out any bubbles that may appear. Remove the transfer tape.
Your pencil is now complete! Super fun and easy to make. These would make great teacher appreciation gifts or end of year gifts!
diy pencil project
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