DIY Santa Cam with Adhesive Vinyl

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids to be on their best behavior this holiday season, then this DIY Santa cam using adhesive vinyl is just what you need! This project is a modern twist on the classic Elf on the Shelf. It’s also a great alternative to the elf since you don’t have to remember to move it or get creative with silly antics. You can just set it and forget it! All you need to do is place this Santa Cam on a shelf or mantel and tell your kids Santa is recording their behavior from the North Pole. Watch your kiddos turn into angels!

See how to make your very own DIY Santa cam using adhesive vinyl below!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Step 1: Add a coat of paint white to the front and sides of the artist panel. Then, let dry. Once the paint is dry, add a second coat if needed and let dry.

Step 2: Click on the link to the project file. This file is sized for a 5”x5” square wooden panel. You may need to resize each individual color based on the size of your square wooden surface. You will select each color and enter in the same dimensions in the dimension boxes at the top of Design Space.

Step 3: Click on “Make it” and select “vinyl” from the materials list. Then, add each sheet to your cutting machine.

Step 4: Weed each sheet of vinyl, removing the negative. For the black vinyl, weed out the negative on each applicable letter.

Step 5: Remove the circle inside of the camera lens and place it on an extra piece of vinyl liner.

Step 6: Remove the crescent shaped piece from the inside of the white vinyl lens and place it on the extra piece of vinyl liner.

Step 7: Remove the black circle from the vinyl liner and place in the center of the white vinyl lens. Then, remove the white crescent shape and place it on top of the black circle (where you removed it from the white vinyl should be visible through the black vinyl). Go over the lens with a squeegee.

Step 8: Cut a piece of transfer tape the size of the Santa cam design. Remove the transfer tape liner and place it over the design. Go over it with the squeegee.

Step 9: Peel off the transfer tape, removing the design with it. Then, align the bars over the bars on the red vinyl. Peel back the liner and go over it the squeegee. Slowly peel back the transfer tape. You’ll want to leave the red bars attached to the vinyl liner.

Step 10: Align the bottom bars of the design with the bars on the bottom of the black vinyl. Go over the entire design with a squeegee and slowly peel it off taking the design with it. Again, you’ll want to leave the bars at the bottom attached to the vinyl liner.

Step 11: Place the design so it is in the center of your wooden square panel. Go over it with the squeegee and then remove the transfer tape.

Your DIY Santa cam using adhesive vinyl is now ready to start “recording” your kiddos. This handy cam will hopefully help keep your kids on their best behavior this holiday season. It may work so well you could end up using even after Christmas! Enjoy!

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