DIY Self-Care Custom Tea Set With Adhesive Vinyl

Finding time for self care can be difficult. Make it a priority in 2020, starting with this DIY tea set using adhesive vinyl. All you need is a Cricut Maker (or similar machine) and a sheet of Craftables permanent adhesive vinyl. Follow along with this easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how!

Self Care Tea Set

Estimated Time To Complete: 20 mins (easy)

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Design Set Up

font in Cricut Design Space

Begin by uploading or creating a design in Design Space. Use the text tool to type out the word or phrase you're using. Measure the teapot and teacup and scale the images to fit accordingly.

*I used the font "Huh Girls" here.

Material setting in Cricut Design Space

Click continue and then, in the following window, set the material to vinyl.

Step Two: Cut Vinyl

Place vinyl on Cricut cutting map

Place a sheet of adhesive vinyl on the cutting mat with the shiny side facing up.

Cut vinyl wit Cricut machine

Load the cutting mat into the machine and press the start button. Once the machine has finished cutting, press the unload button to remove the mat.

Step Three: Weed Images

Weed Craftables adhesive vinyl

Use scissors to free the cut images from the remaining sheet of vinyl and then use a weeding tool to remove the small pieces of vinyl from inside the letters.

Weed Craftables adhesive vinyl

When you're working with a thin font like this one, it helps to remove the smaller pieces first and then peel away the excess vinyl from around the outside.

Step Four: Transfer Decals

Apply Craftables transfer tape

After weeding, it's time to transfer the images.

Apply Craftables transfer tape

Cut a piece of transfer tape to fit over the design and apply it with a scraper tool.

Craftables adhesive vinyl decal

Cut small slits around the edges of the decal. This helps the decal mold around the curved teapot.

Apply Craftables adhesive vinyl

Place the decal on the teapot and use your hands (or the scraper tool) to apply pressure over the entire design.

Apply Craftables adhesive vinyl

Remove the transfer tape.

Apply Craftables adhesive vinyl

Repeat the steps to create a coordinating teacup!

Custom self care tea set with adhesive vinyl

Now, pour yourself a cup of tea and take care of YOU.

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