DIY Vinyl on Wood Double Sided Thanksgiving Sign

DIY Vinyl on Wood Double Sided Thanksgiving Sign

Ever seen those really cute farmhouse signs in your local craft store and thought, I could make that? Well, you actually can. If you are looking for a simple, mess-free method to add wording to your wood, I suggest that you use vinyl.

For this project, I will be using a double-sided wood frame. On one side, I will use adhesive 651 vinyl. On the other side, I will apply HTV.

Supplies needed for this project:

Step 1

Select a paint or stain for your wood. This is an important step because the paint/stain will help the vinyl to adhere to the wood. If you would rather a more natural look, you could always use a clear poly stain on your wood.

Step 2

Select your image or phrase that you would like to use. There are several free SVG images that you can download on Craftables. For the front, I used “thankful” from the Silhouette Studio store and I created “grateful” with a font that I purchased from Emily Spadoni.

Step 3

Use your craft cutter to cut out your image. Ensure that your word or phrase will properly fit on your wood sign. I always leave enough room for error and repositioning.

Step 4

Weed all of your vinyl. Depending on the font you use, it may take some time. Be careful and take your time. Pulling too fast and hard may cause you to tear portions of your words.

Step 5

Final step! To apply the adhesive vinyl, take the transfer paper and place it on top of your vinyl. Slowly peel away the vinyl backing. Once the back is removed, you apply your adhesive vinyl to the wood sign. You may use an application tool or even a plastic card to ensure that there are not any air bubbles. WOOHOO, you are done!

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