Here for the Candy DIY Heat Transfer Vinyl Halloween Sign

Some people choose to go the spooky route with their Halloween decorations. If you’re not feelin’ creepy skulls, ghosts, and ghouls this cute DIY heat transfer vinyl Halloween sign is just for you! Even if you are not on “team candy corn”, you can still display this adorable sign since candy corn is a Halloween candy staple.   This beginner project uses an embroidery hoop to create the actual sign. I love it when supplies for other types of crafting can be used to create something entirely different.

Check out the video tutorial below to see how this DIY heat transfer vinyl Halloween sign came together!

Here are the supplies you will need:

Step 1: Click on the free Craftables cut file link and click “Make It”. Mirror the image and then select "Everyday Iron-on" from materials.

Step 2: Then, place the black HTV liner side down on the cutting mat and add it to your machine to cut. Repeat this with the yellow and orange heat transfer vinyl, making sure to mirror before each cut.

Step 3: Use a weeding tool to weed the negative vinyl from the black, yellow, and orange vinyl.

Step 4: Cut your fabric down to 14”x14”. Lay it on top of the EasyPress mat. Heat your EasyPress up to 315 degrees. Place it on the farbic for 5 seconds. Then, place the black vinyl phrase in the center and cover with your EasyPress for 30 seconds. Flip the fabric over and heat for another 15 seconds. Remove the liner after a minute.

Step 5: Place the yellow vinyl next, cover with a Teflon sheet, heat with the EasyPress for 30 seconds. Then, flip it over and heat for another 15 seconds. After a minute, remove the liner. Repeat this with the orange vinyl.

Step 6: Open up the embroidery hoop and place your fabric on top of the inner hoop, making sure it’s centered. Then, lay the top piece back on and tighten at the top.

Step 7: Lightly pull on the fabric all around the embroidery hoop to make sure it’s tight. Then, trim around the edge leaving about an inch of fabric.

Step 8: Add hot glue to the inside of the hoop, fold the fabric over, and press down to adhere it. Glue the fabric down all the way around the hoop.

Step 9:  Add hot glue to the top of the hoop and add the trim. Continue gluing it around the hoop. When you get to the end, trim the excess trim.

Step 10: Cut a piece of ribbon about 12” long, fold it in half, place the folded part through the opening at the top. Then, take the two ends of the ribbon and run them through the loop, pulling it tight. Cut the excess ribbon from the top.

Step 11: Cut a 10” piece of ribbon and tie a bow. Add hot glue to the back and glue it on top of the other bow.

You’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood with this DIY heat transfer vinyl Halloween sign! Hang it on a door, entry way, or even on a wall. This easy technique can also be used to create signs for other holidays as well as signs with general phrases. What will you create?

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