How to Make Cake Toppers using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Did you know you can use heat transfer vinyl and heavy cardstock to create your own custom cake toppers? Heat transfer vinyl adheres beautifully to the card stock and the card stock helps provide extra stability for a sturdy finished product. Check out the step-by-step tutorial below to learn how!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Setup Design

To start, set up your image in design space. I'm using a daisy image which I've set to various sizes on my canvas.

In the following window set heavy card stock as the cutting material.

Step Two: Load and Cut Card Stock

Place the card stock on the cutting mat and use tape along the edges to help hold it in place. Then, load the mat into the machine and press the flashing start button to begin cutting.

After cutting is complete, remove the card stock flowers from the mat and set aside.

Step Three: Load and Cut HTV

Next, you'll want to cut the same exact images out of the heat transfer vinyl you're using. I'm using white glitter HTV for the flowers and flocked yellow HTV for the centers.

*Be sure to change the settings in Design Space to match the materials you are cutting.

Place the heat transfer vinyl on the cutting mat, shiny side down and follow the steps above to repeat the flower cuts.

Step Four: Apply HTV to Card Stock

Preheat an iron or easy press to 310 degrees. Weed away the excess vinyl from around the flowers and then match up the card stock to the same sized HTV flowers.

Use the iron to apply the vinyl to the card stock, pressing for 10-15 seconds. Allow the vinyl to cool completely before removing the carrier sheet.

Repeat this process for the yellow flower centers.

Step 5: Assemble

Now it is time to assemble the cake toppers! First, attach the yellow center to the flower with a glue dot or hot glue.

Next, flip the flower over to the back and attach a wooden dowel with a dot of hot glue.

That's it! If you want a more finished look on both sides you can make two of each flower and attach one flower on each side of the dowel.

These cake toppers are so easy to put together, making them perfect for any last minute celebrations! No need to go to the store for fancy decor when you can DIY it!

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