Simple Lemon Decal Umbrella Using Adhesive Vinyl


Get ready for Summer showers with this citrusy sweet lemon decal umbrella using adhesive vinyl!


Rainy season is officially here.   To get ready for little summer showers, I decided to be armed with not only a functional umbrella, but one that’s oh, so cute! I took a plain pink bubble umbrella and added lemon decals to it using just adhesive vinyl. I’ve always loved the look of bubble umbrellas so I thought it would fun to customize it with a citrus touch. This lemon decal umbrella looks good enough to eat!







Step 1: Click on the link to the Citrus Fruits SVG file and download it to your computer.


Step 2: Open Cricut Design Space and click on “Upload”. Go to where you saved the design file on your computer and click on it to upload it. Then, click “Save”. Finally, click on the uploaded cut file to add it to your workspace.


Step 3: Once in Design Space, click on the image and resize it to 8”. This will allow you to see the entire image. Then, click “Ungroup”.





Step 4: Select all of the images and delete them, except for the full-size lemon.


Step 5: Select the lemon and resize it to 4”. Then, copy and paste it twice so you have a total of three lemons.


Step 6: Select the first lemon and hide all of the elements except for the lemon.


Step 7: For the second lemon, hide all of the elements except for the leaves. Click on the bottom leaf and change the color so it’s the same as the top leaf. Then, select both leaves and click “weld”.


Step 8: Hide all the elements on the third lemon except the dots. Then, change the color to black.


Step 9: Copy all three elements and paste them 24 times.


Step 10: Click “Make it” and select “Vinyl” from the cutting material. Add the vinyl to a cutting mat with the vinyl facing up. Push the start button to begin cutting. Cut all three colors.


Step 11: Trim down the vinyl and weed the negative on all three designs.


Step 12: Cut apart all of the lemon elements, leaves, and black dots.




Step 13: Cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than the lemon design. Peel off the carrier sheet, place it on top the lemon dots, and go over it with a squeegee (your fingernail also works!). Peel up the transfer tape to remove the design and then place it on the lemon. Repeat this with all of your other lemons.


Step 14: Open up your umbrella. This will make it easier to apply your vinyl designs.



Step 15: Place the transfer tape on a leaf design, go over it with your nail, and peel back the transfer tape. Add it to a section on your umbrella. Again, go over it with your nail, and peel of the transfer tape. Then, using the same process, add a lemon below the leaves.


Step 16: Add two more leaves and lemon designs below the first design. You’ll have a total of 3 lemons per section on your umbrella. You’ll continue adding 3 lemon designs to each section.


Grab to full DIY tutorial below to make your own lemon decal umbrella using adhesive vinyl!



Not only is this lemon umbrella eye-catching, but because it’s a bubble umbrella you can also see through it while walking! This project is completely customizable. If you prefer oranges or limes over lemons, you can use the same process above to isolate those images from the Citrus Fruits SVG. Also, even though a Cricut machine (or Silhouette) will provide a more precise cut, since lemons are pretty basic shapes, you could get away with cutting these by hand if you don’t own an electronic cutting machine.



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