Two DIY Mother's Day Cards with Cricut

Hey, crafty friends! I'm Kayla from the Kayla Makes blog and I'm here today to show you how to create two different types of   Mother's Day cards using templates from Cricut Design Space. The first method is an easy print then cut design, great for beginners. The second method is a stacked design perfect for those who want to attempt something new.

Print Then Cut Design

Estimated Time To Complete: Less Than 15 Mins (Easy)

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Cardstock
  • Cutting Mat
  • Cricut Maker or similar machine
  • Adhesive
  • Printer
  • Scoring Tool

This first card is a simple and sweet print then cut design. You can find it here in Design Space.

Step One: Design Setup

The first thing I did after opening the project onto the canvas is edit the message on the front of the card, you can totally leave it as is but I wanted to use my own phrase. To do this, first ungroup the images then unflatten everything using the unflatten button in the bottom right. You can then select and delete just the text. Type out the new message, flatten the image again and then group everything back together.

*Flattening the image creates ONE solid image so that it will print and only cut around the scalloped border.

Step Two: Print Then Cut

Click Make It and choose your printer to print the image. After printing, load the printed image onto the mat and the machine will read the registration box and cut around the design.

Remove the excess paper and then remove the design from the mat.

The second layer of the card requires the scoring tool to create the fold line. Load the scoring tool into clamp A and leave the blade in clamp B.

When you start the machine the scoring tool will score the fold line first then cut out the shape of the card. Once cutting is finished you can remove the excess paper. Peel the mat away from the card and fold along the score line.

Step Three: Assemble

Use glue dots or a similar adhesive to attach the top layer to the card template.

Add a ribbon embellishment if you wish and pen a sweet message inside the card. :)

Multi-Layered Card Design

Estimated Time To Complete: Less Than 30 mins


  • Card Stock (Red, Pink, Light Pink, Cream, Green and White)
  • Cutting Mat
  • Scoring Tool
  • Adhesive
  • Cutting Machine (I use the Cricut Maker)

The second card design is a multi-layered or stacked card. You can find it here in Design Space

Step One: Design Setup

Open the project onto the canvas and in the layers panel to the right you'll be able to see each layer of the card as well as the coordinating envelope. You can also see which images include cut lines and which ones include score lines. Scale the design to whatever size you want the card to be and click the Make It button.

In the following window you can see exactly what order each color will be cut in. This is also where you'll select the paper size you're using.

Next, set the material to card stock and load the scoring tool into clamp A, leave the fine point blade in clamp B.

*There are multiple weights of card stock, be sure to check the packaging to see what weight you're using.

Step Two: Load and Cut

Place the first color of card stock (white for this particular design) on the cutting mat and press the start button. Allow the machine to score and cut the design out. Once it's finished you can remove the excess paper from around the card then remove the card from the mat, leaving behind all the small pieces.

*Use a scraper tool or spatula to remove the small pieces of paper off of the mat before cutting the next color of card stock.

Continue cutting each color of card stock according to the on-screen prompts.

Step Three: Assemble

Assemble the card with glue or glue dots. Each design is different but for this specific one, you will layer starting with the last color that you cut (red layer) and going in order until you reach the first layer that you cut (white layer.)

Test that the layers all line up before adding your adhesive. Once you have it right, just add glue!

Now, you can add a message inside the card and deliver to that special Mom in your life.

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