21 DIY Heat Transfer Vinyl for Tote Bags: Gift Ideas for Family, Friends, and Teachers

One of the best parts about summer is having lots of free time to make fun summer crafts. With back to school, Halloween and the holiday season just around the corner you are probably thinking of all the fun projects you want to make with your iron-on vinyl sheets and rolls and cutting machines. This year why not focus on personalized gifts that matter and will be cherished for years to come. We’re revealing some of the most popular DIY heat transfer tote bags on Pinterest. So get your Silhouette Cameo 3 Machine or Circuit Explore ready & have a blast making these tote bags with heat transfer vinyls in just a few easy steps!


1. Beach Time Tote Bag

It was getting a little ridiculous trying to keep my giant pool bag organized so I decided to make some mini pool and beach bags that I could use to keep things a little bit more tidy. I keep my stuff in one mini tote and my toddler’s stuff in the other one – then if I want I can still throw those into a bigger one. No more searching for a small item in a giant bag!

Source: Pretty Providence 

2. Pineapple Bag

There is something about the summer that brings out the fruit pattern in just about anything. One thing you can count on for sure is that pineapples have become one of the biggest trends of the summer.  

Source: Hawthorne and Main 

3. Trendy Burlap Tote

This Trendy Burlap Tote is super easy to make using a iron-on transfer. It would make for a fabulous Teacher’s Appreciation gift! Just fill the tote with summer essentials like, a magazine, hand lotion, lip gloss, beach towel and drinking tumbler with straw. Then in the fall the teacher can use the tote to carry all her supplies for the school year. It would also make a perfect tote for a pre-teen, teenager, college student, or nerd at heart.  

Source: Purely Katie 

4. Customizing a Canvas Tote 

We're excited to share with your one of signature products - our Craftables Smooth iron-on vinyl! This may be one of my favorite products we have because of the iron-on factor. Customizing anything is so easy and so much fun!

Have you tried this customized canvas tote bag? We’d love to for you to add a photo to show how it went. Share your feedback in the comments section of the pin, ask a question or give a high five!  



5. Iron-On Travel Bag for Shoes

I made this fun iron-on travel bag for your special cargo (shoes, of course!)

Source: Lydi Out Loud 

6. DIY Tote Personalize Your Favorite City Coordinates

Do you have a favorite destination? This Oakland city coordinate tote was made in less than 20 minutes and we have a few tips that will make designing a tote like this easy for you too!  

Source: Mamoo Kids 

7. Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

We’re headed to Disneyland next month and we’re getting everything prepped and ready to go! One thing that I knew I wanted to take was a fun Disney tote bag that we could keep all of our Disneyland essentials in. I wanted something Disney themed, without feeling too cheesy. That’s why I loved this simple Mickey Mouse inspired design I came up with that any Mickey Mouse lover would absolutely love.  

Source: Girl Loves Glam 

8. Library Tote Bag

Reading can often get tossed aside for other activities. I do my best to get my kids to the library every week or two in the summer. We don’t always read every book we check out, but we check out a lot of books. What that means is a sturdy summer library tote bag to carry all those books home with us is an absolute must. These bags will be great for the rest for the school year as well.  

Source: Mad In Crafts 


9. Teacher Tote Bag

I created this tote using our Teacher Appreciation printable, my Cricut Explore, and iron-on black glitter. If you are interested in creating this tote all you have to do is click here for the .png version of the printable. You can upload that into Cricut Design Space™ and you will be on your way to a super cute teacher tote!

Source: Balancing Home 

10. DIY Monogram Pencil Bag

I’m gonna walk you through this pencil pouch tutorial AND I’ve got a little hidden gem that will give you a behind this scenes look at cutting a monogram with your Cricut Explore.

Source: Damask Love 

11. Personalized Teacher Tote Bag

My boys just started a new school and between us, I want to get in good with their teachers! In all seriousness, I so appreciate the men and women that teach my boys every day. I always give teacher gifts and this year is no exception. Let me show you the cutest thing I made for my youngest son’s teacher!

Source: Joann 

12. DIY Teacher “Quote” Tote Gift Idea

I created a design based on a teacher related quote and used my Cricut Explore to cut the design out of heat transfer vinyl. SPARKLE heat transfer vinyl!

Source: Inspiration Made Simple 


13. Iron-On Unicorn Tote with Cricut  

While there are probably loads of images that could work in Cricut Design Space, I had a specific design in mind that I wanted to use for the unicorn tote bag. Thankfully, Design Space allows me to upload my own images in a few easy steps that don’t make me want to rip my hair out.

Source: Sweet Rose Studio 

14. Unicorn Tote Bag

Unicorn is the new black, which means a tote bag must be made.

I broke out my Cricut Explore and crafted up a tote bag that will make any unicorn loving soul proud. Now, me? I’m about 50% unicorn, but feel free to change up the design to fit your own personal level of…uh…unicorn-ness. Unicornism. Unicornation. Whatever. You get it.

Source: Damask Love 


15. Fun Skeleton Trick-or-Treat Bag That Glows In The Dark

So, in honor of this special occasion, I decided to whip up a tote bag that is just perfect for trick-or-treating for years to come since it’s not costume-specific….it’s also super cute, personalized, and glows in the dark!

Source: Where The Smiles Have Been 


16. Cheeky DIY Tote Bags

A Silhouette Cameo machine – I definitely recommend getting the starter kit which comes with all the little bits and bobs you’ll need. Make this tote bag in less than one hour.

Source: DIY Passion 

17. Customized Song Lyric Tote Bag  

One of my favorite bands of all time is Coldplay. Their music just speaks to my soul and one of my favorite songs is “Fix You.” I found a song lyric in the Silhouette Design Store and just knew it would look great on a tote bag. ‘Lights will guide you home’ is a pretty good lyric to have on a bag you take around with you, isn’t it?  

Source: Dwell Beautiful 

18. Owl Tote Bag: Layering Heat Transfer Vinyl with Silhouette Cameo or Cricut

I have been wanting to make my daughter her own tote bag for quite a while. Now I can finally check it off my list! I used Heat Transfer Vinyl, so it was really easy to make and I think it turned out so cute! I’m going to show you my method for layering heat transfer vinyl.

Source: Burton Avenue 

19. DIY Farmers Market Tote Bag: Eat Local

I decided to use up some extra supplies that have just been collecting dust and made my own DIY Farmers’ Market Tote Bag.

Source: Where The Smiles Have Been 

20. DIY Gold Foil Monogram Tote Bag  

What is better than a tote bag you can throw all your stuff in to leave the house in a hurry? Answer: A gold foil monogrammed tote bag that you can make yourself in just a few minutes! All the easy directions to make this project with your Silhouette CAMEO below!

Source: The Pinning Mama 

21. How to Use Deco Foil with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Here’s how to use deco foil with HTV to make an irresistibly cute tote bag.  

Source: Fynes Designs 

As you can see the possibilities are endless for heat transfer vinyl on tote bags. You can personalize any of these suggestions and add your own creative flare to the mix. Give your friends and family unique handmade gifts that they will really appreciate time and time and again. Don’t forget to check out Craftables heat transfer vinyl products specially formulated to work for all your craft needs. They have a wide variety of options for your t-shirts, including standard HTV, glitter, glow in the dark, foil, flock, and so much more!  

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